Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall.......Our Favorite Season!

Family picture at the Pumpkin Patch

Abbie enjoying playing with 3 pumpkins that were somebody else's! She enjoyed putting them in her stroller and pushing them around, thankfully the people either didn't notice or were kind enough not to care.

"Sniffing" the pumpkins! Mike must have taught her this! haha

On our front porch, Abbie was "giving our pumpkin love". She loves to "pet" it.

Baby James Asher Monsarrat at 31 weeks of life! So where's he going to go for the next 9 weeks or so? Many days I feel like i'm literally going to pop already!

Well, the Monsarrats are re-entering the world after 7 full days of a fever virus that's kept us pretty much quarantined ( i can't spell that word) at home. Mike started out with it last sunday and then abbie got it monday then mommy and baby asher came down with it wednesday. Abbie has bounced back best thankfully, Mike's close to be well, and mommy and asher are bringing up the tail end. We prayed and prayed Asher and I wouldn't get it and God took good care of us in that my fever didn't get near has high as Mike and Abbie's.
On a more exciting front, we are loving the cool mornings and evenings that the fall has brought. We went to a farm 5 minutes from our house, Priddy's Farm, to see all the pumpkins and take pictures last weekend. Abbie wasn't really up for staged pictures but she loved having free reign to run around and "smell" the pumpkins! That's right, that's what she's doing in that picture!
We've enjoyed playing outside every day now that's it's cooled down. If you say outside, Abbie runs straight to the back door squealing "ouside"! She's got a few toys to ride and push around and then Nana and Papa bought her a swingset for an early Christmas present that we hope to get up next weekend. We won't get to play on it long before it's cold but even a few weeks of her getting to swing and slide will be worth getting it up for.
Our church, that we joined a few months ago and are LOVING getting connected into, is having a harvest festival next sunday and Abbie's dressing up as a frog. I'll definitely be posting pictures of that later on.
We have just 8 1/2 weeks left at the most before Asher's arrival! Abbie can say Asher and when you ask her about him she runs up to my belly and pats it or rubs it. She has been fascinated by her own belly button for awhile now and the rare instances when she sees mine, which is almost inverted to an "outie" now, she points and wants to touch it and i try to use those moments to "prepare" her by saying "it's baby Asher". Her world is going to be ROCKED come Christmas!

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